GoodSpaceWeather offers custom hosting services


GoodSpaceWeather offers custom hosting services on top of Virtual Private Servers.

What can we do for you?

  • We can do the initial installation and set up of your (dedicated) Virtual Private Servers => Leave us your wish list and we’ll deliver you a fully installed server
  • We can manage your running server => just call us when something isn’t working
  • We can offer monitoring services for your applications => we’ll warn you when something is going wrong
  • We can quickly duplicate and/or restore your initial server set-up, which may be handy for testing and prototyping
  • We can dynamically change your server resources. For instance, you can ask us to use 5 extra CPUs just for 5 hours. Same for bandwidth, disk storage and RAM. You only pay what you are using.
  • We can assist you and train you in using Git as a source control system
  • We can install, configure, manage, assist and train you in the full Atlassian tool stack: JIRA issue management, Confluence wiki, agile plugin, Bamboo Continuous Integration server etc
  • We use an issue tracking system and document the set-up of your server on our wiki, only accessible by your company

    DHConsultancy is using our services to host several websites, run multiple database instances that use a lot of storage, run Monte Carlo simulations, run time-triggered batch jobs, run backups etc


    1) Are you running your own hardware?
    No, we use a VPS service provider so that we can have the advantage of the size of scale of their server park and their know-how on datacenters.

    2) Is my data save on these VPS servers?
    Yes, of course. Our servers use RAID 60 , we can choose from different geographical locations, we can choose to have each disk in different server racks, redundant power and network lines, etc

    3) Do you also offer service x, y, z?
    Yes, we offer custom and tailor made services. Anything can be discussed and quoted.

    4) Where are you located?
    We are a Belgian company, but using Skype or Google Hangout, SSH access, web applications etc we can work from anywhere on your servers. Thus so can you.

    5) Do you also offer SLA’s
    Yes, see question 3) in this list

    6) How much does it all cost?
    Hmmm, that's a difficult one. It really depends on the number of CPU's, disk storage, RAM etc you want to have, but also on which services we offer for you and at which SLA's. Just contact us and we'll happy to give you a quote.